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Celebrating Over 30 Years in Business!

Taking on a new packaging project is a big deal.
We are glad that you found us.

Our History

Associated Packaging’s history starts in the early 70’s when our founder and active president Lynn Jacob, entered the packaging industry upon his discharge from the armed services.

Lynn went on to form Associated Packaging in 1978, and has continued to expand the company’s client base and packaging services. Associated Packaging is proud to represent over 150 years of packaging experience and know-how through the company’s principals and sales staff.

Industries Served

Associated Packaging has provided packaging solutions to a wide variety of industries including the following:

  • Automotive
  • Cosmetics/Personal Care
  • Electronics
  • Household
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Paper/Printing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Toys/Sports/Crafts
  • Syrups and flavorings

Packaging Solutions That Make Sense

Understanding your business, goals, and needs is important to helping you with package application and selection. Associated Packaging will take the time to understand what your particular needs are and meet them based on these business principles.

We can provide you with a wide range of package options. We help you navigate through all these options to find the best package fit. Whatever industry you are in, whatever unique packaging application you may need, chances are…we have done it before!

We are ready to package when you need it. Talk to us about your time constraints, we will work with you to make any reasonable request happen

We understand that price is an important factor for businesses. We will work with you to determine what packaging gives you the best value while meeting your needs.

We listen to you and communicate with you. At Associated Packaging we pride ourselves on prompt and thorough response.

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